Improving Experiences

We investigate, interrogate, better understand and track human experiences and reactions to them in order to help you delight and retain customers.

We help you to

Delight users

Through mapping, monitoring and benchmarking customer experiences.

  • Mapping and better understanding customer journeys

  • Monitoring and evaluating customer and staff experiences to understand moments of truth

  • Deep diving experience pain points to enable us to delight

  • Benchmarking against best in category

Examples of

Our work


Global study conducted for a major airline to understand brand salience, emotional connections, brand equity and opportunity to build brand through better RNPS.

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Customer Journeys

Real-life passenger walk-throughs with diverse passenger types assessing the departure experience and highlighting pain points and needs throughout the departure journey.

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Media Understanding

Longitudinal qualitative research to track engagement with a global streaming service.

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Advertising Development

Journey mapping to understand triggers to purchase which led to a major national campaign utilising humour in a category somewhat lacking in emotion connection.

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Delivering a strategic understanding of how to drive subscription for a major newspaper brand

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Voice of customer

A complex voice of customer programme for providing a real time and constantly evolving eco-system for a multifaceted brand to understand and connect with customers across its ecosystems.

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Customer Engagement

To enable key decision makers at a major media organisation to have greater levels of ongoing and direct stakeholder contact with their customers.

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