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RED C is Ireland and the UK’s premier provider of research-based consultancy services. Founded in 2003, we have been providing high quality research based consultancy services to both blue chip and up and coming businesses across Ireland, the UK and worldwide.

Working as a research and insight consultant provides an interesting and varied career.  It allows you to…

  1. Develop an understanding of consumer behaviour – Learning how customers make decisions, how to research new products and how to price products and services are all useful skills for many different business roles.
  2. Learn from leading brands – The largest brands in the country are voracious consumers of research and insight consultancy, creating opportunities to do work with major brands . In an average day a research consultant might work on a projects for a range of different clients such as the NBA, Vodafone, Disney and Diageo. This provides a huge variety and exposure to different industries.
  3. Develop strong consulting skills – A good market researcher has to not only master the fundamentals of research methodology but also needs to be a great communicator. Any student who can both understand the numbers and tell a compelling story will stand out in market research.
  4. Learn about many different industries – Especially early in a career, it is great to be exposed to many different types of businesses. Over time, a researcher will be exposed to many different industries, including retail, telecoms, banking, FMCG, alcohol, politics and more.

We are always interested to hear from candidates who want to join our team, and will post roles we are looking to fill as and when they occur below.

In the meantime please send your CV and cover letter to

[email protected] for jobs in Ireland or

[email protected] for jobs in the UK

and we will review and keep on file until positions become available.

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