Who we are

A premier provider of research-based consultancy services

RED C are premier providers of research-based consultancy services, across the RED C and Relish brands, with offices in Dublin and London.  Based on our combined turnover the RED C Group of Research agencies is one of the top 120 market research companies worldwide, and in the top 75 agencies in the UK.  

Founded in Dublin in 2003, we have been providing high quality research-based consultancy services to both blue chip and up and coming businesses both nationally and internationally for many years. Over 80 highly experienced and skilled consultancy staff look after the insight needs of companies worldwide. We are a full service, qualitative-quantitative agency.  

Our founding agency is the largest independent market research agency in the Republic of Ireland with a staff of close to 50 people based in Dublin and Dundalk.  We are a full service agency in Ireland, with our own face to face fieldwork, CATI Centre and our own online panel. We are well known as one of the most respected social and political polling companies in Ireland, and a leading brand building consultancy. 

We set up our UK office in 2016, in conjunction with leading UK market parctitioners, Richard Barton and Charlotte Butterworth.  Our fast-growing UK agency works with global entertainment, retail and fmcg brands, with a particular specialism in youth audiences and fandom. 

We acquired another UK based research agency, Relish Research into the Group in 2023, to further strengthen our position in the UK market.    Relish specialises in understanding customers and helping subscription based business in the UK market. 

We are part of the Business Post group house of brands, delivering insight through data, journalism, analysis and storytelling.