Paddy Power Poll – Jan 2011 – Senator David Norris favourite for next President of Ireland.

Senator David Norris is the outright favourite among candidates put to voters, to become the next President of Ireland, taking 27% of the vote.

Mairead McGuinness currently comes in second securing 13% of all voters, however this is party due to the Fianna Fail and Labour candidates that were suggested splitting their votes.

Perhaps surprisingly Bertie Ahern still receives support from 12% of voters, although this is particularly among younger voters, who perhaps have not heard as much about the other candidates.

Brian Crowley also takes 10% of the vote, suggesting at least one of these candidates could do better when nominated.

Likewise the Labour vote is evenly split between Michael D Higgins and Fergus Finlay, suggesting that one of these candidates could garner close to 20% support overall.

Support for candidates does not necessarily run along party lines, with Senator David Norris getting solid support from people who would vote for all parties, apart from Fianna Fail.

Fergus Finlay also does not do as well among Labour supporters, as his colleague Michael D Higgins.

Paddy Power – President Poll Report – Jan 2010