Grocery, FMCG and Entertainment are the top 3 categories: the most successful at fostering emotional connections amongst UK consumers. In terms of the most emotionally connected brands, Cadbury ranks in #2 spot, Lidl in #3 after Lego in at #1. Notably, heritage, nostalgia and value are amongst the key drivers connecting these top brands in the UK market.

Our leading brand, Lego, is also the clear front runner of the gaming & toys category. Unsurprisingly, Lego’s success is driven by their appeal to so many in the market, the foundation of trust built with consumers and their refreshing innovative approach.

Dominating the overall top 10 brands is the grocery category with M&S Food at #5, Aldi at #7 and Sainsbury’s #10, demonstrating the importance of discount grocery brands – especially considering the cost-of-living crisis – as well as everyday use in creating connection. M&S Food and Lidl both connect exceptionally well with UK consumers, not just as supermarkets but rather as leader in their commitment to quality, affordability, and community, resonating very well with UK consumers.

Other key findings include:

  1. British Airways is the most improved brand in 2024:
    This year, British Airways ranks in at #3 within the travel category, seeing a Brand Reaction Index score improvement of +14. The brand now outperforms Qatar Airways and Emirates on emotional connection in the UK
  1. Majority of SVOD & entertainment brands have an increase in emotional connection this year:
    YouTube, like last year, continues to be the brand performing best in the category, falling just shy from the top 10 brands this year. ITV, Disney+ and Sky are the most improved entertainment brands Y-on-Y, with Sky moving to a positive BRI score.
  1. The Post Office has had the biggest fall in emotional connection score:
    Within the Financial Services category, the Post Office drops 40 points – the most out of all brands – and finishes bottom of its category (after a 2nd place finish last year) following the Horizon IT scandal which became widely known about through the ITV drama.

  1. Social media brands do not have a strong emotional connection amongst most consumers in the UK, apart from a few that do slightly better amongst some Gen Z respondents.
  2. Octopus Energy is the top energy brand and the only one with a positive score, aligning with its claim to be the UK’s most awarded energy supplier.

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