The latest RED C Consumer Mood tracking shows an improvement in consumer mood with increased expectations to how the Irish economy will fare in the next 6 months, and more consumers now believing the economic recovery is well underway. 55% now believe the economy will improve in the next 6 months – up from 52% in June.


But the study also shows that many consumers continue to struggle financially, and that many do not feel any personal benefits from the economic recovery. In fact, only 2 in 5 claim that the recovery has impacted them personally.


We continue to see a strong divide in how comfortable consumers feel financially. 1 in 3 claim to be struggling financially with another 1 in 3 living comfortably above the average.

The lack of perceived personal benefits continues to impact on spend with no change in future spending intention since June.

Download the full report of the latest RED C Consumer Mood Tracking here:
Consumer Mood Tracking – Oct 2014 – Further Uplift in Outlook