Paddy Power – Jan 2011 – Fine Gael extend their lead ahead of the other parties, as Fianna Fail drop back to just 14%.

Fine Gael extend their lead as the party with most support in Ireland, securing 35% of the first preference vote and as such continuing the upward trend of support seen in polls over the end of 2010.

Support for the party is strongest among men (40%), younger 18-34 year old voters (39%), more upmarket voters (37%) and those in Munster (38%)

Labour’s share is down somewhat on that seen in 2010, with the party securing 21% of the first preference vote overall.  This appears to be due to a fall in support in Dublin, where the party now only matches Fine Gael levels of support having dominated in the past, support is also lower for the party in Connaught and Ulster.

Fianna Fail support also falls again to very low levels, with just 14% suggesting they would give the party their first preference vote, almost matching the lowest level of support for the party seen in 2010.  Only 10% of those in Dublin now suggest they will vote for the party in this poll.

Sinn Fein consolidate support at the higher level they have enjoyed since the Donegal by-election, and match Fianna Fail by also securing 14% of the first preference vote. Their vote is much stronger in Connaught and Ulster at 20%, and also among less well off manual workers at 18%.

The Green Party see something of a rise in fortunes, with support for the party at 4%, the highest seen since the party tried to arrange a national consensus among all the parties before the bailout.

Support for Independents is also high at 12%, a level they have not seen since 2009.

Paddy Power – Jan Political Poll 2011 – Vote Intention Report