Company Overview

RED C are a fresh, dynamic organisation whose work is rooted in sound statistical science, behavioural observation and listening to the consumer.  We deliver Clarity to organisations by truly understanding how humans behave, feel and act.

Brand Ambition

The RED C brand ambition is to be recognised as the premier provider of research-based consultancy services in each market we work in.

RED C is currently the largest full service primary research and insight agency in Ireland and has a fast-growing team in our UK office. Between us we employ 50 highly experienced and skilled staff look after the insight needs of our clients worldwide, delivering research stories to more than 40 markets during 2021.

We deliver clarity to our clients by utilising three key pillars.

  1. Research – We provide the best quality, most reliable and cost-effective data collection and insight generation tools in the market
  2. Evaluation – We understand how to read and interrogate data, how humans behave, how to identify trends and deliver insights from data
  3. Direction – We provide clear direction and consultancy that helps drive business growth, based on derived insights and expert market understanding

Our brand behaviours are to be skilled, strong, dynamic, creative, reliable and to have some fun.

Our Ethos

Long lasting client partnerships are founded on a team approach to relationship management. We pride ourselves on providing a level of consultancy service second to none and believe the relationship between client and agency is crucial to the success of every project.

We work very closely with all our clients to understand their specific needs, from both a business and a research perspective, and tailor research solutions that fit with their individual requirements.

RED C uses a variety of different approaches in our toolbox, to help us gather information and analyse behaviour. Embedded in our brand DNA, RED C seeks to challenge ourselves and our clients to be brave in the way we approach research challenges, by consistently developing new ideas and approaches to get ever closer to understanding the consumer.

We are an integrated qual/ quant agency and combine a range of traditional and innovative techniques to best deliver insight that drives success for our long-term client partners.

Areas of Expertise

Our primary area of focus and specialism in our UK team is in the entertainment industry, working with global media brands to understand audience needs and behaviours (including amongst kids and teens).  Our key clients including Disney, the NBA, Mattel, NBC Universal, The Guardian.  We also work in other sectors such as tourism and retail.