WIN, the world’s leading association in market research and polling, along with RED C Research being the representative for Ireland, has today published Part 4 of the 2018 WIN World Survey (WWS) exploring the views and beliefs of 30,890 people from 40 countries across the globe. This survey reveals that, contrary to the constant negative news about health, most people today believe that they are healthy.

Headlines – Ireland

  1. The proportion of Irish adults that drink alcohol moderately or frequently at 38% is very high vs. the world average at 19%; men and older age groups have the highest consumption. However those claiming very little or no alcohol consumption stands at 35%.
  2. 1 in 3 (34%) of the population of Ireland claim to suffer from stress fairly or very often, slightly ahead of the world average. Women, those in younger age groups and those living in Munster are have highest claimed levels of stress
  3. Over 2 in 5 (42%) of the Irish population also claim to take prescribed medicine fairly or very often, some way ahead of the world average. Older age groups drive high levels of incidence
  4. Almost 2 in 5 claim to NOT sleep well regularly in Ireland, with 13% suggesting they never or only occasionally sleep well. Those in younger age groups are more likely to claim they sleep poorly.
  5. Despite high coverage, the new ultra-health trend is still in its infancy in Ireland. Just 10% purchase diet or health product regularly and only 13% practice mindfulness techniques regularly, although 46% do claim to exercise moderately or regularly.
  6. 17% of the Irish population claim to regularly be on a diet, with 37% suggesting that they never diet. Women are more likely to be on regular diets.
  7. Moderate to Frequent smoking in Ireland stands at 17%, with any smoking at 29%. This is relatively good vs. the world average of 20%. Men, those in younger age groups and those living in Dublin have a higher incidence
  8. Overall, the Irish rate their health toward the lower end when compared to 40 countries across the globe. 72% rate their general heath positively, while 27% rate their health poorly.
  9. Overall Irish citizens have relatively low net fitness rating, a better net weight rating , and a positive net mood rating. However Ireland falls back into the bottom quartile of 40 countries included with regard to fitness and in the bottom half for both weight and mood.


Headlines – The World

    1. The great majority of the Worlds population (76%) believe that they are very healthy (16%) or healthy (60%), while a surprisingly low 4% believe that they are unhealthy, and a further 19% believe that they are somewhat unhealthy.
    2. The region with the highest net positive health score[1] is Africa (64% net) and the lowest is MENA (42% net)
    3. Being healthy corresponds well with perceived levels of fitness, weight and mood/stress, 68% of people believe that they are fit including 15% who believe that they are very fit, 66% believe that their weight is either very good (17%) or good (49%). Only 7% believe that their weight is very poor
    4. 79% believe their mood/stress is either very good (23%) or good (56%)
    5. Smoking incidence (very often/fairly often) is 18% or above for all perceived levels of health. However, the least healthy have the highest incidence (27%)
    6. Drinking alcohol has similar incidence for all health levels with the healthiest having a slightly higher incidence
    7. Of the proactive health behaviors explored, the highest incidence (very often/fairly often) is exercise (37%), avoiding products that cause allergies (30%), taking vitamin supplements (25%)
    8. The lowest incidence of proactive health behaviors is practicing mindfulness techniques (14%), going on a diet (15%) and purchasing diet or health products (16%)
    9. 79% of all people interviewed are taking medicines prescribed by a doctor. As would be expected, people who perceive that they are “unhealthy” or “somewhat unhealthy” are taking prescribed medicines at high frequencies
    10. Suffering from some levels of stress is experienced by the vast majority of people (86%). 30% suffer from stress at high frequencies (very often/fairly often). The people who are unhealthy suffer from stress most often (54%)
    11. Sleeping well is correlated with perceived health. 3% of people interviewed never sleep well and 32% of people only sleep well sometimes or occasionally.

Please find attached detailed results from the World Health Index survey, in the form of a World Survey press release, and the World Health Index – Irish Results.

World Health Index – Irish results

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