Half the UK population report feeling environmental problems have a direct effect on their lives today (50%), a score up significantly WoW and likely a result of extreme weather conditions at the time of fieldwork. As a result, the UK is slightly more engaged in eco behaviours than the ROI.

Despite previously being the cohort most likely to adopt sustainable behaviours, there is evidence of hopelessness about macro environmental issues among 18-34s, with significantly fewer now feeling their personal actions can improve the environment (65%, vs 73% in March ’23). In contrast, those 55+ have acquired more sustainable behaviours, ranking top for a plethora of green behaviours including buying local, in season food and buying fewer products containing palm oil.

The economic gap seen previously between ABs and C2DEs has closed as ABs are now feeling more financial pressure and have become just as likely as C2DEs to say they cannot financially afford to live more sustainably (56% for both groups).

Honest sustainable brand messaging is key, as 1 in 2 people in the UK say they would strongly consider switching brands if they suspected them of greenwashing (49%).

Just over 1 in 10 people in the UK believe the UK is on pace to reach its 2030 net zero emissions reduction targets (14%), likely due to recent governmental announcements of delays to key climate targets. The confidence level is similarly low in ROI. (16%).

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