Consumer Immersion is a unique means of enabling clients to spend time talking to and asking questions of consumers, in a controlled environment. In addition to recruiting consumers and organising the session, we also provide an advance training session for clients in listening and questioning techniques, help prepare individual topic guides for clients, and facilitate a follow-on download session to capture the key findings from the session.

We can recruit whatever type of consumers you want to talk to. For example, we might recruit 6 different life-stage segments (young singles, early families, late families, empty nesters etc), or we could recruit customers of different companies (a representation from all of the different telco’s, or banks, or supermarkets). This means that a client responsible for a particular product or service gets the opportunity to explore opinions of that product or service right across the spectrum of consumers.

Consumer Immersion is not a replacement for another research method. Its sole purpose is to bring clients close to consumers, to allow them to listen to and learn from consumers, and see how consumers talk about particular products and services. Whilst it may not tell the Research or Insights team anything new, it helps to convince internal clients of certain consumer attitudes or behaviours because they hear it for themselves, and not from a PowerPoint presentation.

The clients who most benefit are those who do not have many dealings with consumers, but whose roles involve making decisions that fundamentally impact on consumers. This is typically more senior personnel, who are key decision-makers, but who – by virtue of their position – have very little interaction with consumers.