RED C has considerable experience in mystery shopping and our fieldwork panel and research team are well placed to understand the possible pitfalls.

We have designed mystery shopping research for a broad cross-section of clients across a range sectors including travel, utilities and telecommunications.

Mystery shopping involves using trained shoppers to undertake tasks and scenarios and measure the performance of staff in meeting these needs.  This might range from a call to a contact centre to enquire about problems with service, or a visit to store to enquire about a new product or service.  As well as measuring staff performance in meeting customer needs, mystery shops also measure more tangible aspects such as cleanliness of shops or transport etc.

Fieldwork for mystery shops is carried out by members of the RED C fieldwork panel in various situations for a range of clients across the country.  Our mystery shop panel includes a broad spread of different demographic types, in terms of gender and age and we ensure we reflect this spread across the team of mystery shoppers appointed to each project.

RED C has developed online portal platforms that allow staff to look at the overall shops conducted across the country, split this by reporting groups and also an individual report for each shop.