RED C works with key software suppliers to provide world class Voice of the Customer software solutions for our clients in Ireland and the UK.

Simply measuring your customer satisfaction does not lead to success, companies must follow an associated discipline to actually drive improvements in customer loyalty and enable profitable growth. They must have…

  1. Leadership commitment,
  2. The right implementation software and business processes in place to deliver real-time information to responsible employees,
  3. Clear direction on what drives NPS
  4. The ability to close the loop by providing immediate and overview action areas back to the relevant employees to act upon.

Using the latest in Voice of the Customer technology, RED C provides an unrivalled online real time SAAS system.  Capable of using a variety of invitation methods, RED VoC can be adopted to any industry including retail, airline, mobile, FMCG, energy via:

  • Automated online email invites
  • Mobile text invites
  • In-store kiosks
  • QR Codes / URLs in printed media / promotional material etc.
  • Bluetooth ‘pings’

RED VoC is a real-time fully automated voice of the customer system.  Key features of the product include:

  • Real time updates of online dashboards continually updated as interviews are completed.
  • Development of bespoke reporting dashboards for various levels – e.g. head office, product /marketing managers, front line managers etc.
  • Development and automated delivery of monthly push reports.
  • A built-in data interrogation tool allowing analysis down to respondent level
  • Option for real-time text analytics of all verbatim comments

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