Do you have a store in the retail estate or product that isn’t performing as expected, or a new store unit that needs to deliver ROI fast?


RED Street is our tried & tested approach to enabling retailers to pinpoint the exact drivers of value and areas of weakness.  We use a combination of research techniques to give you total clarity of direction.


This cost effective approach can be applied to a single store or across the network, depending on your challenges: anything from a new flagship store that needs to deliver ROI, a product range that isn’t meeting expectations, or heritage sites that are underperforming against the rest of the estate.  The core question we can answer is “what is/ isn’t working and what can we do to address these challenges”.

Using a range of techniques, we evaluate every element of the store or range experience, including:

  • Navigation
  • Branding
  • Communications
  • Signage
  • Design & display
  • Layout


Our approach

As a truly integrated qual/ quant agency, we combine observation, store clinics, staff interviews and customer exit interviews to gain a holistic view of the customer experience. Our analysis incorporates competitor reviews to ensure we give you a strategic level of insight.


Our focus is on providing fast feedback.  We deliver a concise deck including vox pop footage and imagery to give you and your stakeholders clear direction on the actions to take forward.

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