Sponsorship is not just another form of advertising; it should connect with consumers in a different way and supplement your brand’s other activities. Sponsorship allows your brand to connect with consumers in a more intimate way, by associating your brand with what matters to your target audience. It can be an event, cause, team or venue; regardless, the goal is to create positive publicity and connections for your brand.

Selecting the right properties and effectively linking your brand to it is critical to ensure the widest possible exposure among your core target group.  The media coverage and viral publicity your sponsorship creates can provide a level of exposure that would be otherwise unaffordable.

In order to provide a holistic evaluation of the impact and effectiveness of your sponsorship investment, there are five key building blocks that we have developed as follows:

A             AWARENESS

L              LINKAGE

E              EQUITY EFFECT

R             RESPONSE

T              TARGET ACCESS

These metrics have been tried, tested and validated across a range of industry sectors and allow us to provide you with a relative and absolute evaluation of your sponsorship investment.

Red Alert Building Blocks

Using a compositing algorithm, we will provide you with an intuitive mapping tool to access your sponsorship properties relative performance in terms of:

Connection: Awareness, Linkage and Target Access and

Effect: Equity Effect and Response


Incorporates both Spontaneous Sponsor Awareness (SSA) and Aided Sponsor Increment


Includes a measure of both suitability of the sponsorship, the strength of brand’s connection and its impact on the sponsored property.

Target Access

This metric allows you to see how well the property has tapped into the desired audience and how well the property fits with the brand’s desired target group

Equity Effect

This composite measure provides an evaluation sponsorships impact on your brand’s equity and its depth of emotional connection.


This will provide an assessment of the likely commercial impact based on the property’s effect on consumer’s behaviour and purchasing intent.

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